Friday, 5 July 2013

June Favourites

June was a very hectic month for me, what with last minute revision, exams and prom, I still can't believe it's over. But that does mean it's time for my June favourites!

The first product in this months favourites is the Alberto Balsam - juicy, green apple herbal conditioner. The first thing that drew me to this product was the smell. Oh My God! It is by far the best smelling conditioner ever. It's smells exactly like a freshly picked apple, so much that if it wasn't conditioner I'd probably eat it, not going to lie. And as well as it smelling divine, it works amazingly too. It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth for ages. And what's more at 99p it couldn't get any better. 

The second product in my favourites is the Arran Aromatics - Lavender Tea Tree reviving toning facial gel wash. This face wash leaves your skin feeling cleansed and unbelievable soft. It contains tiny pieces of loofah which helps to help exfoliate your skin and combat spots, perfect for preparing your skin for the summer months. 

The next product in my June favourites is the Pecksniff's - Happy hand and body moisturiser. I'm quiet picky about hand moisturiser, but this is great. It soaks in almost instantly whilst leaving your hands feeling soft for hours. It doesn't make you feel as if you are unable to do any thing for about half an hour until it has soaked in to your skin. 

Another of my favourite products from this month, is the Avon - super extend extreme mascara. This mascara is great if you're going for big bold lashes, for a glamorous, going out make up look. It is actually the mascara I used for my recent year 11 prom. It elongates your lashes and creates perfect definition.

The final product in my favourites is the Maybelline - master drama khol liner. It is great because it you can bend it out to create a smoky eye or if you leave it to dry for 20 seconds or so it will stay put as a simple liner. It is another product I used for my prom make up and it lasted for the whole night. It is also my current every day black eye liner, which shows its diversity. 

So that's my June Favourites. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and my other social networking! 


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